The Marcus & Cinelli lawyers of Williamsville, New York, have experience representing businesses and municipalities involved in various commercial litigation and contract disputes. We have successfully defended small and large companies and municipalities, in both state and federal court, and have provided general advice, counsel, and representation to clients in a broad range of businesses including claims involving breach of contract, tax disputes, malicious prosecution, construction claims, real estate disputes and insurance coverage. No matter what the claim or issue, our goal is to protect our client’s legal rights and commercial interests.

In advising our clients on such claims, we aim to assist them in making informed decisions about the potential risks and rewards of various dispute resolution strategies and to make recommendations regarding the best strategy and manner in which to resolve such issues. The defenses raised and asserted by Marcus & Cinelli on behalf of its clients in such commercial cases have been analyzed and cited in numerous secondary sources on such issues ranging from subrogation, to the economic loss rule, to electronic discovery.

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