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Marcus & Cinelli LLP
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 by Ashleigh
I couldn’t be happier

After a car accident, I was referred to Brian Cinelli to handle my case. He met with me quickly and helped walk me through everything I needed to do. He kept in contact to answer any questions and to keep me informed through the process. Everyone at the office was so helpful and accommodating.
Brian helped reach the full settlement amount. He showed so much care through the whole process! I can’t show enough appreciation!

 by Michael

I cannot express the level of gratitude that my family and I have towards Brian Cinelli and this entire firm. Brian, Cally, and the entire team has delivered not only professionalism and their expertise but a level of compassion and concern for me that will never be forgotten and will forever be appreciated! I am so grateful that I contacted the #1 expert in handling vaccination court's! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

 by Ricky Buras

Marcus and Cinelli are great and courteous attorneys. They care about their clients, they are outstanding great lawyers and attorneys, look no more, great people, Like family to their clients, settled my case i got $92,000. And the benefit was all mine. Thanks to these talented lawyers/ attorneys.And the secretarys were outstandin, sweet, and courteous. And im well sattisfied. I suggest enyone out there needing help to contact these attorneys, MARCUS and CINELLI. Thanks to the law office of MARCUS and CINELLI.

 by linda
brian cinelli

i was injured after receiving a flu shot at a pharmacy. i contacted mr. cinelli who i understood had expertise with vaccine court. he worked tirelessly to present my case of injury to the court. the court agreed with mr cinelli that i should be compensated and offered a settlement figure. mr. cinelli negotiated a settlement 33% greater than their initial offer. i will always be eternally grateful to mr.cinelli, because this settlement helped me pay for the medical bills i incurred because of this injury.

 by Weiwei & Weiyuan
Best lawyer!!

We have the pleasure to work with David Marcus for a few cases over the last five years and we develop the complete trust and confidence in his wise advice based on his vast wealth of substantive professional knowledge and exceptional personality. Five year ago, we consulted Dave for our daughter’s injury at a daycare center. He listened to us and reviewed the documents carefully and responded quickly and clearly with extremely insightful analysis and thoughtful legal advice. Dave also helped us with a couple of other cases. Dave has changed my previous impression about the lawyers. It seemed to me the lawyers are always closely associated with money and nothing else. However, Dave, as the first lawyer we worked with, has let me realize that the rumor is not true. He consistently develops innovative strategies to achieve the best ultimate goals for us as he always say “happy to help out whenever I can.” As a great lawyer, Dave is very helpful to assert our right and build up our confidence in front of the devils. He knows exactly when to make a very pointed response to an argument incisively and has an immensely capable ability to reduce complex issues into simple concepts. Meantime, he also gave us his honest assessment, which was invaluable as well.